Lash Lift Near Me

Should You Get a Lash Lift?

Getting a lash lift near me in San Juan, Philippines, can be the best solution. You get the semi permanent curl and lift of eyelash extensions but you get to keep your natural lashes damage free.


A lash lift is like a perm for the lashes. The lash lift helps set the shape of your natural lashes by using a chemical solution. When you get a lift, your lashes do what they would be doing with a good mechanical curler so you get a realistic curl upward.


Getting a lash lift near me is a good solution because there isn’t any preparation necessary. If you want a more dramatic result then you can use a lash serum beforehand to grow your lashes as long as possible, but it’s not necessary. Your technician can work with any lash type.


You are able to customize your result. During the consultation with the lash artist, you will get asked about your goals and style. Based on your answers the technician picks a curl size suitable for your eye shape.


A lash lift will last about six to eight weeks. When all the hairs that have been shaped and lifted shed naturally, new straight ones grow in behind them. Some people will need a new lift sooner but it will depend on their lash cycle.


Since it’s your natural lashes being curled, you can use whatever eye makeup you choose. You should wait 24 hours after to apply any mascara or makeup. Within those 24 hours, you should avoid wetting them and other forms of humidity and moisture in order to make the curl last.


Lash lifts are low maintenance compared to eyelash extensions. With extensions, you have be be careful with doing anything that could cause them to fall out. When you get lashes lifted, all you have to do is add some mascara and you are good to go.


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